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Add: B1 Building, Dafu Industry Park, Dafu Road, Guanlan, Longhua District,Shenzhen, 518110,CHINA
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Why do tube pans / hollow moulds be chosen for making Chiffon cakes?

  • Author:Zoe Lee
  • Source:Tsingbuy
  • Release on:2019-07-04

Tube pan is a kind of cake making mold which attracts much attention. It is also widely used as Chiffon cake baking mould, which is the necessary choice for making Chiffon cake. According to China cake baking pan factory - Tsingbuy analysis, compared with circular and square moulds, which are widely used in the market, Chiffon cake baking moulds are relatively small. But many professional baking books and recipes refers to Chiffon cake baking mould. Why? First, let's see what Chiffon mould is.

What is Chiffon Mould?

Chiffon moulds are also called "tube pans" or "hollow moulds", which were used when Chiffon cake was born. The Chiffon cake made by it has a higher success rate and is less likely to collapse and shrink. Its main feature is that there is a chimney-like cylinder in the middle of the circular pan, so this is why it is called "tube pan" or "hollow mould".

Why is it more successful to make Chiffon cake with tube pan?

To understand this point, we first need to understand the maturation process of the Chiffon cake.

Explained by professionals from Tsingbuy China tube pan manufacturer, after the cake paste is put into the oven, the heat starts to pass around the mold and last to the cake center. During the heat transfer process, the air in the protein foam expands and the water slowly vaporized, thus making the cake body grow taller.

At the same time, with the constant transfer of heat, protein and starch will produce chemical changes and solidify, thus forming the skeleton of the cake, when the cake will expand to the highest point. Continue heating to vaporize the excess water molecules in the cake and spill over the cake. Then the cake will drop slightly. But the skeleton has been formed, so there won't be too many fall-backs. Usually at this time, we continue to bake for a while, then we can take it out of the oven and cool it upside down.

By understanding the above knowledge, we can know that the cake is actually a bad conductor of heat. However high the external temperature is, the heat is transferred a bit by bit into the center of the cake. Only when the center of the cake is fully ripe can its organization be soft and elastic. So the characteristics of tube pans lie in this. With the good thermal conductivity of the aluminium alloy chimney-like cylinder in the middle, the heat source is added to the center of the cake which part is not easy to mature. It is easy to think of such a cake successfully with tube pans. The chimney-like cylinder in the middle can better support the climbing and shape of the cake body, and it is more difficult to collapse and retract for cake.s

Notes on the Use of Chiffon Moulds / Tube Pans

1. Because of its better thermal conductivity, Chiffon mould is more suitable for high temperature and short time baking method. For example, low temperature and high temperature baking method is not suitable for this kind of mould.

2. Regarding the formulation, we still compare the 8-inch circular mould with the 8-inch Chiffon mould. After the actual test, the 8-inch Chiffon mould only needs a little more than the 6-inch circular mould (the same as the 8-inch square mould).

3. When purchasing a tube pan, we suggest to choose the anodized aluminium alloy Chiffon cake baking mould, which is designed to be movable bottom mould, so as to demould easier and maintain the perfection of the cake.

Bakeware Recommendation

Anodized Round Chiffon Cake Baking Mould with Removable Bottom

From PROFESSIONAL Aluminum Chiffon mould manufacturer-Tsingbuy Industry Limited

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