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  • Tsingbuy Upgrades Production Machinery Lines
    Release on2023-09-15
    Welcome to Tsingbuy Industry Limited. This passage offers an in-depth exploration of Tsingbuy's commitment to commercial baking trays quality. We delve into our recent production upgrades, including the integration of advanced machinery and automatic production lines to meet rising customer demands....Read More>>
  • Is a cooling rack necessary for baking?
    Release on2024-03-08
    A cooling rack is a tool commonly used in baking, featuring a grid-like structure to elevate baked goods, promoting even cooling by allowing air to circulate. What sets a cooling rack apart is its ability to prevent sogginess by lifting baked goods off flat surfaces, maintaining texture and preventing condensation. While not strictly necessary, a cooling rack is highly recommended for baking due to its benefits in even cooling and texture preservation....Read More>>
  • How to Care for Teflon Coated Baking Pans or Trays?
    Release on2024-02-27
    Daily care for Teflon-coated pans is crucial for their longevity. Proper maintenance, such as avoiding abrasive cleaners and using non-metal utensils, can significantly extend the lifespan of Teflon-coated baking pans, ensuring continued performance and non-stick convenience....Read More>>
  • The Advanced Construction of Tsingbuy Baguette Pans
    Release on2024-01-22
    Discover the epitome of baking perfection with Tsingbuy's meticulously crafted baguette pans, each uniquely designed to elevate your baking experience. From the efficiency of aluminum's rapid heat distribution to the durability of stainless steel frames, our pans stand as a testament to innovation, offering a range of advantages that cater to the diverse commercial needs from professional bakers, to bakery, restaurant, food factory alike....Read More>>
  • What is the difference of tube cake pan and bundt cake pan?
    Release on2023-04-21
    Cake pans is among our best-selling baking pans, in which the tube cake pans and bundt cake pans have become increasingly popular in recent years, and we're proud to have perfected their designs and quality to meet our customers' needs. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the tube cake pans and bundt cake pans, explaining what makes them different and stand out among the rest....Read More>>
  • What are the different kinds of non stick coating for baking trays pans?
    Release on2023-03-29
    In this article, we will introduce the four kinds of non stick coating we use in our baking tray pan, focusing on their applicable scenarios, non-stick times, advantages and disadvantages, and the spraying process of non-stick coatings. By the way, it will also provide some precautions and maintenance methods for non-stick baking pans, as well as the questions our customers encounter when using non-stick baking pans....Read More>>
  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Tsingbuy Foreign Trade Team
    Release on2023-03-14
    Tsingbuy Industry Limited is a professional bakeware manufacturer with more than 15 years' experience. On March 9, 2023, the Tsingbuy company, the foreign trade team, is ten years old. We held the grand celebration to commemorate this very special moment....Read More>>
  • What is the best metal material for a baking sheet tray?
    Release on2022-12-31
    This is totally the truth. Metal baking sheet is still the leading role in baking tray market with its features of food safe, excellent heat conductivity, good durability, long service life and low price....Read More>>
  • What is the best size of a baking sheet pan?
    Release on2022-12-22
    Are you spiraling when you decide you choose a baking sheet tray for your oven? There are multiple most common sizes and along with other many different sizes, what size baking sheet pan should be chosen? What should we note among different sizes baking trays, so that we can choose the best one and the most suitable one....Read More>>
  • Tsingbuy Donated Sportswear to Middle School on the Anniversary
    Release on2022-10-14
    In order to celebrate the anniversary of the company, we held a series of activities. In these activities, we have something special that we would like to share with you. That is, we donated sportswear to the school sports team of Longkou Middle School in Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Which is in mountain village....Read More>>
  • About Anodised Treatment of Aluminum Baking Pans
    Release on2022-10-11
    Anodized surface is a common surface treatment for aluminum baking pans, along with PTFE and silicone non stick coated. Here we mainly introduce you the purpose, characteristics of anode aluminum baking trays, as well as the precautions if using such baking tray products....Read More>>
  • Custom Multi-mould Baking Pan Sample
    Release on2021-06-21
    Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been engaged in bakeware manufacturing and exporting for over 13 years. We provide hundreds of classic baking pans in standard sizes for customers' choices, as well as offering ODM & OEM service for large bakeries and food factories all over the world....Read More>>
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