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The most popular cake types

Zoe Lee Tsingbuy 2019-06-11 08:43:22

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Cakes are absolutely the love of millions of girls. Most people can't refuse the sweet taste of the cake. However, how do you divide your favorite cakes, do you know? The most popular cakes are Chiffon Cake, Sponge Cake, Angel Cake, Pound Cake, Mousse Cake, Cheese Cake, Muffin Cake, Bundt Cake.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake has soft texture, taste like clouds, feel like a soft chiffon, so it is called Chiffon Cake.

Chiffon cake, invented in 1927 by an insurance broker in California named Harry Baker, was not made public until 1948 when Baker sold the cake shop.

Chiffon cake is very light in texture. It is made of rapeseed oil, eggs, sugar, flour and powder. Since rapeseed oil is not as easily bubbling as butter (butter is traditionally used), egg white needs to be foamed to provide enough air to support the size of the cake. Chiffon cake contains enough rapeseed oil and eggs, so the texture is very wet, not as easy to harden as traditional butter cake. Therefore, it is more suitable for cakes that need refrigeration. It also contains less saturated fat.

Chiffon cake is one of the most popular cakes at present because of its loose organization, high moisture content, light taste and tender taste. Although chiffon cake is very soft, it has elasticity and no soft rotten feeling. It is delicious to eat with various sauces. In addition, chiffon cake can also be made into various cake rolls, Boston pies and so on.

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Sponge Cake

Sponge cake is a kind of frothy cake. The main body of the sponge cake is egg and sugar, and the netted structure is made up of beaten foam and flour to achieve the effect of bulking. Sponge cakes are called sponge cakes because they have many holes in their inner tissues, which are similar to sponges.

Angel Food Cake

It is kind of cream cake. Angel cake does not add a drop of grease, and only use egg white to make this cake. The color of the cake is refreshing and white, so as being called Angel cake.

Angel cake (angel food cake) became popular in the United States in the 19th century. It's relative to chocalate Devil's food cake, but they are completely different types of cake. At that time, baking powder was invented, so many new cakes were invented. Angel cakes and chocolate devil cakes appeared at the same time. The latter mainly consisted of chocolate and butter.

Angel cake is very different from other cakes. Its cotton-like texture and color are made from hard foamed egg white, sugar and white flour. It does not contain butter or oil, so the egg white foam can better support the cake.To make angel cakes, the egg white is first beaten into stiff peaks formed and then folded into other materials with a light folding technique. Angel cakes are fat-free, so they are very light in taste and texture. Angel cakes are difficult to cut with a knife. The knife can press down the cake easily. Therefore, forks, serrated knives and special cutters are usually used.

Angel cake needs special angel cake baking utensils, usually a tall, cylindrical container with a cylinder in the middle. When angel cake is baked, put it upside down to keep it cool. Angel cakes are usually sauced, such as sweet fruit juice.

Pound Cake

Pound cake is also known as heavy oil cake, which a kind of paste cake made by mixing a lot of butter with eggs and flour. It tastes stronger than chiffon and sponge cake. Because a lot of butter is added, the taste is very mellow.

Many people have a special fondness for pound cake, perhaps because it tastes mellow enough. Maybe it's because of its strong taste, or because of its simple appearance. Pound cakes are simple enough to be made and stored for a long time.

The newly baked pound cake is brushed with sugar water, cooled, wrapped in plastic film and refrigerated for a few days until it returns to oil. This is the key to the delicacy of pound cake. The taste after oil return can only be personally tasted, which is indescribable.

Mousse Cake

Mousse cake is a kind of cake with mousse powder as its main material. The appearance, color, structure and taste are varied and more natural and pure. It's a refrigerated dairy dessert, usually made from whipped light butter and gelatin or fish gum powder (which acts as coagulation) through refrigeration to produce a similar effect of lightweight ice cream, which can be eaten directly or made into a cake sandwich.

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Cheese Cake

Cheese cake, also known as cheese and cheese, refers to concentrated dairy products made from animal milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria or coagulated by adding enzymes and removing whey. Cheese itself is mainly composed of protein, lipids and other nutrients. Apart from milk, cheese is rich in minerals such as calcium, zinc and vitamin A and B2. It is also made by fermentation, which makes these nutrients more easily absorbed by human body. Because of the different components of cheese, cheese cake can be divided into heavy cheese cake, light cheese cake and frozen cheese cake.

Muffin Cake

Muffin cake is a kind of common cake, which is made by using the puffing effect of baking powder to get soft cake structure. It does not need to blender eggs, just need to mix raw materials step by step. It is the simplest way to make cake.

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Bundt Cake

Bundt Cake is a kind of circular ordinary temperature cake. It's called Bundt Cake because it uses Bundt Pan when baking. It tastes like pound cake. It's solid and creamy. It's a common American dessert. It can be called a ring cake too.

Cake Baking Learning Suggestions

Learning order: Pound cake - Sponge Cake - Chiffon Cake - Cheese Cake;

To learn cake making, we should master the most important several skills in baking, including stirring techniques (mixing and chopping), egg yolk, protein, butter, butter and other skills.