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What is Cordierite Baking Pizza Stone and its advantages?

Ellen Chou Tsingbuy 2019-05-29 09:35:04

What is cordierite?

Cordierite has a very low and steady coefficient of thermal expansion (much lower than ceramics and lower than granite, equivalent to diamonds), decomposition temperature is close to 1500 degrees, and can resist high temperature and high heat. With the development of low temperature and fast firing technology in ceramic kilns in recent years, the firing cycle is shortened by less than one hour, and cordierite products with outstanding quench and heat resistance are widely used. Natural cordierite seldom exists in nature, and the cordierite widely used in manufacturing industry  is synthesized artificially.

Product Defect

Due to the limitation of product characteristics and process technology, flaws may occur in stone slabs. It is easy to produce uneven colour, black spots, marks, concave points or other different colour marks in the process of production and storage. It can not be measured by the standard of crafts, including but not limited to the situation shown in the figure below. Please consider clearly before purchasing.

Application of cordierite pizza baking stone

Be used for oven (by electricity, gas), barbecue oven (by charcoal, gas), traditional pizza kiln or other open-fire heating environment of pizza, bread and other similar food baking.

Why you need cordierite pizza baking stone?

In the process of baking, opening and closing the oven door will cause the temperature of the oven to drop suddenly. The baking stone can improve this situation very well. It always provides a stable and high bottom temperature in the process of baking, and then achieves more effect.

How the cordierite pizza baking stone works?

Baking Pizza stone absorbs a lot of heat during preheating, contacts the bottom of food when baking, and transfers its heat to food as evenly as possible. Food can receive stable heat effect as soon as it enters the oven, expands faster, shortens the baking time, reduces the loss of water inside food, and absorbs or evaporates excess water at the bottom of food to achieve the baking effect of brittle outside and soft inside.

Influence factor to cordierite pizza baking stone production

The time and temperature of firing, the content of cordierite and the size of cordierite particles, and the overall appearance of workmanship are important factors determining the quality and price of pazza baking stone. Some manufacturers compress costs from raw materials, fuels, labor and other aspects, bringing out product which has rough appearance, many impurities, poor size, inadequate sintering, powder dropping, and materials are easy to fall off.

Our proprietary production formula

Our cordierite baking stone are manufactured with specially developed formulations. Cordierite is used as the main raw material to mix high-quality minerals. After sintering, its properties are improved and a special structure is formed in the interior. It not only has strong water absorption (can absorb water at the bottom of food), but also can alleviate temperature and pressure when the temperature changes sharply, giving it good thermal shock resistance. In the situation of rapid cooling and hot ring, it keeps still stable. Coupled with its excellent thermal conductivity and thermal storage capacity, our pizza baking stone can meet all kinds of baking needs. We always adhere to the principle of strict control in each process and maintain the quality of the product. It is your first choice when you are in the market for cordierite baking pizza stone.

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