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What is Baker’s Couche and How to Use it ?

Ellen Chou Tsingbuy 2019-04-14 13:33:11
High quality baking couche is essential for bakers. Here we deliver you a passage from baking couche manufacturer, we will share information and usages of linen bread baking couche, which is most natural material and fit-able  as baker’s couche.

What is Baker’s Couche?

Baker's couche is an important tool used by artisans in the baking of bread. It is part of the process of creating warm, tasty and crusty baguettes. It is used to support dough especially baguette during proofing. It could keep the dough in shape, absorb excess water from the dough, and prevent the dough from sticking to each other as the dough is fermented and expanded.The best baker’s couche is made of grade 100% flax linen: natural, untreated and unbleached. Linen is the best material to proof bread and it is durable, flexible and light. It could release dough without sticking because it has a wicking property which make it absorb a little of the moisture on the surface of the dough without drying it out , so as to give baguette a chewy, thin and crunchy crust. The couch should have durable seams on edges to prevent fraying over time.

How to use and maintain couche ?

No matter professional bakers or home bakers, learning how to use and maintain linen bread baking couche will extend its service life.

Before you use the linen bread baking couche, flour the couche lightly and evenly. Too much flour will spoil the texture and appearance of the crust.

Then fold the baking couche into a series of wavy creases to hold the dough during proofing. The linen should have sufficient body to stand up. This keeps the shape and structure of the dough intact.

Nest you can transfer shaped baguette dough into the folds, cover and let rise.

When ready to bake, using a transfer peel or flipping board to move the dough into a baguette pan or baking stone.

After using the linen bread baking couche, simply brush off excess flour and hang the couche to air dry before rolling and storing in a dry place.

Note: If the dough sticks on the baking couch, let it dry and scrape off carefully. Don’t exert too much force when doing this to avoid tearing off the linen fiber. Never wash a baker’s couche entirely, because it could cause shrinking of the fabric. In case you need to wash the baker’s couche, use only tap water but expect it to shrink and become rigid.

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Tsingbuy Industry Limited is professional China bakeware manufacturer. China linen bread baking couche is 100% natural flax linen proofing cloth with high quality. It is usually used with banneton basket to help the chef to make the attractive and texture shape bread.

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