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Solutions to Three Common Questions During Making Puffs

Zoe Lee Tsingbuy 2019-06-18 08:47:12

This article will share three solutions to the three common problems of puff making. Why puff collapses, why puff paste is not soft and hard enough, and why should spray water onto the squeezed puff dough. And we will also recommend several sheet pan for puff and baking mat to reduce the cleaning of baking trays.

Q1: Why does a puff that expands well in the oven collapse as soon as it leaves the oven?

Because the baking is not enough! Attention should be paid to the following points, and proper judgment should be made as to whether the baking is completed or not.

1. Puff is completely inflated.

2. Crack grooves also show beautiful baking color.

3. Touch with your hands and feel that the puff has become an indelible hardness.

4. Feel the weight of the puff when you pick it up. The completely baked puff is very light.

The collapse of the puff begins with the most vulnerable part of the crack, so whether the crack groove is actually baked into a baking color is very important.

The collapse of underbaked puffs is due to the filling of wet air (air full of water vapor) in the holes of puffs. The volume becomes larger due to the high temperature in the oven. Once the oven is taken out, the temperature will drop rapidly and the volume will become smaller, which will turn into a soft paste that has not yet been baked. This is because the volume of air and water vapor is reduced and the baking is indeed completed. You can keep expanding.

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Q2: According to the formula, why can't the puff batter with eggs form the right softness or hardness?

In the process of making batter, the temperature during mixing becomes lower.

1. Harden the paste after adding eggs

It's because the temperature of the batter decreases, and the starch content in the flour increases, so it hardens, or the flow of the butter decreases. Firstly, use cold eggs, the dough temperature will drop rapidly, so use normal temperature eggs instead! Secondly, eggs are added too many times, the step time is too long, and the whole batter will be cooled, so the steps must be carried out quickly.

2. Soften the paste after adding eggs

The softening of the paste after adding eggs is due to the incomplete gelatinization of starch in flour, which does not produce enough viscosity before adding eggs. This state of batter, plus the amount of eggs formulated, of course, will become too soft.


When flour is added, the temperature of hot water is too low. When flour is added to hot water, the temperature of hot water must be about 100 degrees Celsius. When the temperature of hot water is too low, starch in flour cannot be completely gelatinized.

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Q3: Why spray water mist on the squeezed puff batter?

In order to delay the drying of batter surface, the batter can expand bigger.

When the batter is extruded and placed, drying of the surface will affect the state of expansion. So after extruding the batter, in order to avoid the surface drying, spray water mist first, give the batter surface moisture, the later the baking time of the puff surface solidifies, the bigger the batter can expand.

Besides, brushing egg liquid on the surface can not only prevent drying, but also deepen the color of baking.

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