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Phone: +86 755 85234769
Fax: +86 755 85234769
WhatsApp: +8615018547273
Skype: aliceliu870411
Add: B1 Building, Dafu Industry Park, Dafu Road, Guanlan, Longhua District,Shenzhen, 518110,CHINA
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Eleven more bread types

Zoe Lee Tsingbuy 2019-07-19 09:25:15

When it comes to how many kinds of bread there are, it is possible that many people will immediately start to count, "French long stick, German rye, Vienna crisp..." Stop!! Why can't it be simpler? In fact, bread can be divided into many kinds, but according to its own characteristics and production methods, it can be roughly divided into the following eight categories.

Part 1: Hard bread, semi-hard bread and soft bread

Part 2: Bread baked in model and bread folded in dough

Part 3: Fried bread, special bread, sourdough bread

So according to these classifications, which bread do we usually have and which category do they belong to? Today I want to share with you the first hard bread, semi-hard bread and soft bread.

Hard Bread

1. Baguette

The so-called Baguette means stick. It is the representative of traditional French bread. It is also the most popular and well-known meal bread in France for a long time. It is characterized by its fragrant outer skin and excellent balance between its soft and moist inner side.

French Baguette Profile: The fully baked outer skin is fragrant and crisp, and the soft inner surface can be seen mixed with various sizes of bubbles. The taste is lustrous, and the bubble film is thin and slightly yellowish.

French baguette cut pattern: The length of each cut pattern must be the same from one end of the bread to the other. About 1/3 overlapping horizontal cut with the previous cut

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2.Pain de seigle

The proportion of seigle flour is about 2-30%, which is the most common formula, but there are also nearly 5 kinds of proportion.

From southern Germany to France via Alsace, bread with unique flavor and taste of seigle flour has been recognized by all. When adding raisins or walnuts, it is very suitable to accompany with red wine or cheese, and is an indispensable partner. You can also try adding dried fruit or dried fruit that you like.

3.Pain paysan

Pain Paysan means Farmer's bread, the same as French country bread, is rich in local color.

It is a hard series of bread with barley or whole wheat flour. It is suitable for soup or stew.


Kaisersemmel is a very popular small meal bread in Austria and southern Germany. Press out the unique patterns and bake them fragrantly.

Poppy seeds or sesame seeds sprayed on the surface are not only the taste, but also the pleasure of visual change.

It is also recommended to split the bread in half and add the favorite ingredients to make a delicious sandwich.

Semi-hard Bread


Bread called “Stangen” is a daily snack in Germany and Austria. From the original taste to sesame, poppy seeds, salt and other flavors, it is rich in flavour changes. Baked beer sticks, such as cheese, or cheese powder sprinkled on the surface of dough, are well-known wine-accompanying snacks and essential bread for beer-loving Germans.


When it comes to Focaccia, it is well known that fermented dough is flattened and baked. But in Italy there are thinner crisps, or no fermentation, etc. various types. As a meal bread, sandwiches, etc., that can be widely used in common is Focaccia. Depending on the region differences, some Places call it Schiacciare(which means crushed).

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7.Tiger roll

Tiger skin bread roll sounds like a very brave name. Its name comes from the fact that the material on the surface looks like tiger grain, so it gets its name.

The history is not very long. It is originated from the bread called “ tigerbrood”about 1970 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is a meal bread that tastes like crisp toast.

Soft Bread

8.Pain viennois

The original meaning of the name of bread is "bread in Vienna style".

In the mid-19th century, Austrians living in Paris missed Vienna very much, so asked the bakery to make this bread. The unique appearance features are formed by forming a bar shape and cutting deeper and more cutting lines.

In the past, most of them are made by LEAN (low-sugar oil formulation), but recently people began to use RICH (high-sugar oil) formulation to produce, and the formula like a meal bag has become the mainstream.


Bread weaving is quite common throughout Europe. It was originally made for sacrifice. Its history can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. Imitate women's hair, three strands of woven decorative bread. In Germany, three-strand braided bread is very representative, RICH (high-sugar oil) formula of sweet bread, common braided bread with raisins.


Brioche originated in Normandy, France. In the early nineteenth century, it was produced and introduced to the public by Marie-Antoine Careme, a gifted cook and pastry expert. Nowadays, in France, it is still one of the pastry breads (indigo bread) which are made with butter, eggs and so on. It can be seen in Boulangerie or patisserie.


Kouglof, a famous traditional pastry in the eastern part of France, was handed down from Germany or Vienna and used to ferment dough with beer yeast.

Whether it's breakfast or snack, it can also be served with salty dishes or as a drink snack.

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