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Share some delicious meals match with baguettes

Zoe Lee Tsingbuy 2019-07-31 15:12:18

Baguette refers to French long stick bread, which is usually baked in a special oven after a series of folding movements, placed on a dough fermentation cloth covered with flour, after a series of fermentation. The French baguette food culture is said to apply for World Cultural Heritage, but do you know how to eat them in a most delicious and elegant way?

1. Baguette with lemon butter

2. Garlic-flavored baguette, i.e. garlic and vanilla were added during the process of making the baguette.

3. Baguette classic match with Butter

4. Sandwiches made of sliced baguette with chopped vegetables and mozzarella cheese

5. Rosemary salt flower baguette

6. Baguette dyed with purple cabbage

7. appetizers

(1) Sliced sticks with lime mayonnaise mixed with chicken breast and watercress

(2) sliced sticks with tomato salad and fried scallops

(3) sliced sticks with vegetables and almond cheese

(4) slice and bake the baton with cream cheese, fresh strawberry and basil

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