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About Milk and Cream

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-09-19 11:21:23


Milk is raw milk (directly based on the body of the cow) without any addition and only by heat sterilization. The milk fat component is 3% or more, and the fat-free milk solid content is 8% or more.

Type of milk

1. Unhomogenized milk: The fat globules of the raw milk are not crushed to make them stable and homogeneous.

2. Low-temperature sterilization milk: milk that is sterilized for 30 minutes at 62~65°C, has a unique flavor. Generally, milk sterilization is performed by ultra-high temperature instant sterilization (120~150°C, 1~3 seconds).

3. Adding milk: Add milk such as skim milk or cream to the raw milk to adjust the milk of the milk component.

4. Skim milk powder: All the milk fat is almost extracted from the raw milk and made into a powder.

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Fresh cream (light cream)

Only milk is used as raw material, milk fat component of 18% or more, no added and satisfied with the basic conditions of hygiene, milk fat components 20~30% or more, is made for coffee, so when foaming, the milk fat component must be more than 35%. More than 45% are too easy to foam. Although there are various kinds of fresh creams we use, they are generally divided into 35~38% low fat and 40~45 high fat depending on the application.

Pure milk fat cream

Pure milk fat cream will be slightly yellowish, and the flavor and taste of the mouth will be good. It is not very suitable for temperature changes, so it is best to keep it at 5 °C (stored in a refrigerator of 0~3 °C) from the time of purchase to use. The temperature control during the firing and squeezing work is also very good. important. Once it exceeds 10 ° C, its flavor is affected and cannot be recovered.

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Synthetic cream, vegetable fat cream

Part or all of the milk fat is replaced with vegetable fat (coconut oil, palm oil, soybean oil or rapeseed oil). Stabilizers and the like are usually added, and it is not easy to be inferior, and the stability is also better. Even if the foaming time is long, it is not easy to separate. The color is whiter, compared with pure milk fat, it is not so thick, it is suitable for use when the taste is light.


In France, liquid cream is also called creme fleurette, and lactic acid bacteria are added to fresh cream. The high-concentration fermented cream is slightly fermented and called creme epaisse and creme double. Sour cream is a cream that is often used in Northern Europe. It is formed by further fermentation of creme epaisse and has a strong sour taste.

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