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Notes about Butter

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-09-18 11:41:29

Butter is made by separating the cream from skimmed milk and stirring the cream.

From the production process: can be divided into raw butter (direct production with raw milk), superfine butter (pasteurized milk or butter without refrigeration), fine butter (using partially frozen milk);

From the taste: can be divided into original taste, half salt and salt butter.

The biggest difference between butter and cheese is the composition, butter has a higher fat content.

Good butter at room temperature should be compact and smooth, no bubbles, no drums, non-sticky, non-fragile, no adherent water vapor state, this is the best time to use, but in order to facilitate storage, we will put butter in the refrigerator for freezing storage, and then warm and soften when used.

The higher the temperature, the softer the butter until it becomes liquid (usually at 35℃). Therefore, under its low melting point, the butter softening process should be paid special attention to, not too hard, but also absolutely not unrestrained heating butter into liquid.

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Why does butter soften?

1. Frozen butter is super hard.

2. If the butter is too hard or becomes liquid, it cannot contain air and cannot be whipped to be creamy.

Is butter melted over still useful?

Once butter becomes liquid, its emulsifying property will disappear. At this time, even adding sugar and stirring constantly can not be beaten. So if it turns into liquid, you can put the butter back into the refrigerator for condensation and re-operation.

What happens without proper softening?

It's hard to whip it to be creamy. If the butter is too hard, it will make it difficult for air to mix in or very little, and it will not reach a very fluffy state. If butter is used directly in this condition, it will also make the batter dry and hard.

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To what extent should butter soften to?

For many experienced people, the result can be seen at a glance, but some people always feel a little "uncertain" when they use it. In fact, the method of judgment is very simple. Punch butter with your finger and stick it in the end without any hindrance. That means the butter is soft enough at this time. If you stir it again, you will find it very smooth.

What softening methods are there?

1. Softening at room temperature, which is the most conventional way of softening, just need to cut butter into small pieces, put it at room temperature and wait slowly. But if the room temperature is too low, it may not soften successfully.

2. Microwave oven heating, this operation should be paid special attention to temperature control by heating for every several seconds, and constantly observe the state of butter, to prevent excessive heating leading to melting into liquid.

3. Water insulation heating, similar to microwave oven heating, may cause the direct heating part to melt, but after mixing and stirring, it can achieve the softening effect.

What should we pay attention to when using it?

Because the change of temperature will soften the butter, we should pay special attention to this point when using. If the material mixed with the softened butter is too ice, it will harden the rewarmed butter again, leading to the previous work useless.

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