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How to make bread that stays soft all day

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-09-13 12:58:33

Clearly the same formula, but it may be due to a few minutes of fermentation differences resulting in differences in the final product.

Clearly there are not too many materials, but it can easily show the most distinctive flavor.

In bread making, there are countless yeasts in dough, so even in the process of making dough, the state of dough is constantly fermenting and changing, which may lead to many problems or even failures in final bread.

In the face of such a situation, besides the need for sufficient experience to control the fermentation and production time, skilled mastery of various materials in dough is also an essential skill.

About the taste of bread

Bread dries and hardens after long storage. So how can we do to make bread that keeps soft all day?

1. Adding more water, when the moisture content of bread increases, the bread will become soft.

2. Adding more oil and fat can effectively slow down the evaporation of water.

3. Adding enough egg liquid can promote the emulsification of dough and improve the taste of bread.

4. Controlling the baking time and temperature can not only prevent the bread skin from being too hard, but also reduce the evaporation of moisture.

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About dairy products

What kind of impact will the dairy products have? Generally speaking, dairy products can not only add flavor to bread, but also improve the texture of bread.

1. Improve gluten strength, because dairy products contain a large amount of protein, which has a certain strengthening effect on gluten, and will not easily lead to excessive stirring due to prolonged stirring time.

2. Enhance the fermentation ability, because dairy products contain a large amount of protein, which has a certain stabilizing effect on the change of pH value of dough fermentation. The bread dough will not easily become over-fermented dough due to the prolongation of fermentation time.

3. Improve the bread organization. The bread texture with added dairy product is more uniform, soft and elastic.

4. To prolong the shelf life of bread, lactose and minerals in dairy products have anti-aging effect.

5. Enhance the flavor and nutritional value of the bread.

About oil/grease/butter

What role does the oil/grease/butter play in dough?

1. crispness

When dough is prepared, oil has hydrophobicity and isolation, so that the gluten formed can not be bonded to each other to form a larger gluten network, which is also the key to the production of crisp dough.

2. inflatable

When oil is stirred (beaten) at high speed in the air, small bubbles in the air will be inhaled by oil. This property is called the inflatability of oil, which has a great impact on dough tissue.

3. Lubrication

Oil and grease can form a lubricating film on the interface between gluten and starch, which is beneficial to the extension of gluten network and the volume of the bread.

4. stability

Oil/grease/butter has a very good antioxidant effect.

About sugar

What effect does sugar have on bread? As a basic material and common material, sugar is absolutely not as simple as it looks. On the contrary, its important function is the main reason for its popularity.

1. Sugar can enhance the water absorption of dough and prolong the stirring time, making the bread tissue more soft and delicate.

2. It can enhance the color effect of bread surface.

3. Enhance the taste and flavor of bread.

4. Improve the softness of bread.

5. Provide enough nutrients for yeast in the production process.

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About salt

The role of salt in bread should not be underestimated. Salt in bread can:

1. Enhance the flavor.

2. Strengthen gluten to make it more elastic.

3. Adjust the fermentation speed, because salt can inhibit yeast, so the fermentation speed of yeast can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the amount of salt.

4. Improving the texture of finished bread. Salt can change the color and texture of bread.

But if you think that salt is an adder or subtractor and can be adjusted at will, it's a big mistake. First of all, salt-deficient dough will ferment too fast, and gluten is not enough, in which situation the dough will be in subsidence after expasion. Increasing salt will lead to longer stirring time.

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