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Tsingbuy on IBIE in Las Vegas in USA

Tsingbuy, who has engaged in bakeware industry for more than 12 years, are on International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in USA as an professional bakeware manufacturer.

Visits to American customers before IBIE

The IEBE is going to be held. Our partners have arrived in the United States a week earlier and spent several days visiting our customers in American.

Custom Manufacturing of Baguette Tray

Here we would like to make a brief introduction to how to custom baguette tray. The following is only for the general situation of tsingbuy French baguette baking pan manufacturer. Genarally speaking, any size of baguette tray can be customzied if there is no strict demands on row size.

The Workcraft of Multi-mould Baking Tray

As we know, the multi-mould baking tray is consist of tray frame and inner cups. When we talking about customized multi-mould baking tray, we usually customized the inner cup sizes and then set the cups into the tray frame.

About Croissant

Croissant has external crispy while soft interior, golden crisp exterior and soft interior texture. A bite is full of creamy fragrance.

Non-stick Surface Maintenance

Tsingbuy is a leading professional baking tray manufacturer in China with factory located in Guangzhou and non-ctick trays pans is one of our best-seller. Here we are going to share you some basic information in non-stick surface maintenance.

About Butter and Cheese

Butter is concentrated by the milk fat of the milk, the milk cream and skimmed milk in the milk are separated by telecentricity, and the cream layer is heated and sterilized, stirred, and only the milk fat is agglomerated. The milk fat component is 80% or more, and the water content is 17% or less.

About Milk and Cream

This article will introduce the ingredients and characteristics of milk and whipped cream, which can be better used when making cakes and pastries.
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Final Fermentation - The Last Step to Expanse the Dough

  • Author:Zoe
  • Source:Tsingbuy
  • Release on :2019-08-14

Tips for Final Fermentation of Roll Bread

Whether rolled bread is soft or not depends on this step. Finally fermentation means the last fermentation when the dough becomes softer after shaping. After shaping the dough, put it on a baking tray with baking mat and ferment it finally. After fermentation, the dough will expand by 1.5 to 2 times. Therefore, when putting the dough in place, there should be a gap about the size of dough between the dough and the dough. Then, put the whole baking tray into the plastic bag, or cover it lightly with a fresh-keeping film to prevent drying. The final fermentation was carried out at the temperature of 32-38 C and the humidity of 75-80%.

Bakeware recommendation: Professional non-stick Baking sheet Pan

From non-stick sheet pan manufacturer

Tips for final fermentation of hard bread

Hard bread, such as rye bread made one by one, needs to be covered with cloth, curved into a hill-shaped concave, and then put the dough under the concave bottom for final fermentation. This is because the dough of hard bread is more easily deformed during the final fermentation. Canvas can be bought in pastry stores or cloth stores. If you don't have canvas, you can use a slightly thicker fabric or napkin instead. If the final fermentation is excessive, it is difficult to slice on the surface of dough. Even if the lines is made on the surface of the dough which has been excessively fermented, it will destroy the gluten network structure in the dough and cause the carbon dioxide produced by yeast to be discharged from the dough.

Bakeware recomendation: High Quality Aluminium Baguette Tray TSFP005

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Tips for final fermentation of bread loaf

Shaped dough should be put into loaf pan for final fermentation. Put the dough in the corner of the model, close to the side, so that the surface of the dough will expand upwards, making the bread out of the oven more soft.

What if the home kitchen oven has no fermentation function?

Put the dough on the baking tray with baking mat or parchment paper, then put the whole baking tray into the plastic bag, and then put it on the tray with hot water.

Bakeware recommendation:Non-stick Golden Corrugated Pullman Loaf Pan

From China loaf pan factory

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