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Experience Sharing in Making Chiffon Cakes

Zoe Lee Tsingbuy 2019-07-17 09:34:00

Chiffon cake is the one cake type who need to mix protein the most thoroughly. It tastes elastic and lightweight. It is very suitable for both sliced and decorated cakes.

But for Chiffon cake itself, although it seems easy, it is generally believed that as long as the success of protein beating, there will be basically no problem, is that true? Let's first talk about the appearance of a successful Chiffon cake and then analyze what kind of appearance and what causes it.

The Chiffon cake in the oven should be bulged higher than the baking mould before it is taken out of the oven. There will be cracks on the surface of the cake. After the chiffon cake is cooled by being placed upside down, it will only shrink slightly.

Why collapse, roughness, depression and shrinkage happen?

Chiffon cake is a cake body propped up by whipping protein, so that it can show a soft taste. There will inevitably be many dense stomata inside. If there are obvious large stomata, the internal texture is rough and without a good taste. What is the reason for this?

1. Whipping protein cream and yolk batter are not mixed evenly, and there are visible large masses of cakes in the interior, which are the main culprits of the formation of macropore.

2. Before entering the oven, the air bubbles are not eliminated as much as possible by shaking the pan 2-3 times.

Chiffon cake should be expanded and tall with cracks blooming on its surface. But if the surface of Chiffon cake collapses and concaves, the reason may be as follows:

1. Insufficient whipping of protein, insufficient strong protein frost to support the cake body

2. When mixing egg yolk batter with whipping protein cream, it is too long and too hard, resulting in thinning and defoaming of protein cream.

3. Cakes are too wet

4. Continuous opening of the oven during the baking process leads to a drop in temperature.

5. Baking time is not enough and the cake is unbaked.

6. Judging the method of baking: the surface will rebound when pressed lightly, and there is a rustling sound. Bamboo sticks or cake probes are used to penetrate and taken out. If there is no sticking bamboo sticking, the cake is baked well.

7. Not being placed upside down immediately for cooling.

In view of this situation, it may also be because:

1. When low-gluten flour is added into egg yolk paste, the mixing time is too long, which leads to gluten production. When batter is stirred, it needs only gentle and ineffective stirring until the batter is smooth.

2. The cake is demoulded before it is cooled enough, when the internal structure is not stable.

Using non-stick Chiffon cake Pan ?

No, Chiffon cake can not climb up if it uses non-stick Chiffon cake baking pan. We strongly recommend a good-to-use Chiffon cake pan with a tube in the middle.

Bakeware Recommendation:Anodized Round Chiffon Cake Baking Mould with Removable Bottom

From Tsingbuy China Chiffon Cake Pan Manufacturer

Why need being placed upside down for cooling?

The reason why Chiffon cake needs to be inverted immediately after it is out of the oven is that the proportion of powder in the formula of Chiffon cake is very low, mainly relying on protein to support the whole cake body, so the entrance will have a cloud-like light taste. As a result, the cake needs to be placed upside down immediately after it is out of the oven, allowing gravity to help it maintain its upright shape. If it is not placed upside down, the cake may collapse.

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