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About Tart and Pie

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-11-05 10:45:44


A "tart" is a baked snack made of a tart skin and stuffing. The structure of tart is similar to that of pie. Tart can be divided into rawhide pie and cooked hide pie. Often decorated with cream and fruit.

The basic dough for tart is made by mixing low gluten flour, eggs and cream, fully kneading.

Due to different production methods and materials, it can be divided into basic pastry and sweet pastry. Without adding fine sugar, the cream cut into small pieces is kneaded into low gluten powder, which is basic pastry. With the addition of fine sugar, the sweet pastry is kneaded with soft cream.

No matter which one is baked in the tart ring moulds, it is used as the base of tart or pie cake.

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Pie is a baked pastry consisting of pie skin and stuffing. The traditional pastry is a layer of pastry made of grease. According to the appearance, it can be divided into single skin sect and double skin sect.

Pie dough, a mixture of low gluten flour and cream, is rolled out into a thin and overlapping state to produce a multi-layer taste.

When the dough is baked at high temperature, the vapor of the cream will be melted, so that the air can enter into each layer of dough, so that the dough will have a crisp taste due to expansion.

French Kings Hawaiian

As a kind of desserts, tart and pie also has its unique charm and culture, and even can represent local characteristics.

For example, the classic King's pie is to celebrate the exclusive pastry of the epiphany. According to the tradition of French festivals, around January 6, all bakeries, dessert shops and even supermarkets will sell hot King's pie.

What is interesting, there are mini porcelain dolls hidden in the filling of the king's pie. Those who are late will be the king or queen on that day. They can let people around do anything for him or get a kiss.

Many people will also collect different porcelain dolls as souvenirs.

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American Apple Pie

Not only in France, but also in the United States. Apple pie is a classic in the "pie" family.It originated in Eastern Europe, but now it is a typical American food.

Apple pie has different shapes, sizes and tastes. The shape includes free style, standard two-layer style, etc. Flavors include caramel apple pie, French apple pie, breadcrumb apple pie, sour cream apple pie, etc. too numerous to mention.

There is a saying about Apple Pie: "like apple pies". The story comes from the American postwar era. Due to the lack of materials, hardworking mothers can only make the cheapest apple pie and put it neatly in the cupboard in order to make their children happy to eat dessert. Later, people use this metaphor to describe the orderly arrangement of objects.

Seaosonal Snacks

"Tart" is a seasonal snack because it is often matched with fruit.

The northeast of France is rich in blueberries, so you can see the blueberry tart everywhere in the harvest season. In the United States, Canada and other countries, blueberry tart has also been regarded as a traditional pastry.

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