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Fax: +86 755 85234769
WhatsApp: +8615018547273
Skype: aliceliu870411
Add: B1 Building, Dafu Industry Park, Dafu Road, Guanlan, Longhua District,Shenzhen, 518110,CHINA
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Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16

Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16

  • Model number: TSBT15, TSBT16
  • Material: Premium quality Natural rattan cane without any chemical
  • Size: 3 sizes fo your options, and customized size is also available
  • Shape: rectangle shape
  • Color: natural
  • Crafts: handmade
  • Sample: available
  • MOQ: 100
  • Package: Opp bag or OEM package
  • Function : bread dough fermentation and shaping

Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16

Main features of China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16

1. Tsingbuy is rich in experience in manufacturing and customizing proofing baskets as a professional banneton proofing basket supplier.

2. Banneton proofing basket TSBT15-TSBT16 are in rectangle shape

3. Made of 100% Natural rattan cane without any chemical and 100% handcrafts

4. High quality raw materials, food safe and durable

5. It is good for dough proofing. Save your time in shaping. Can also be used for multiple purpose.

6. Easy to clean, hand wash with warm water and keep dry after clean

6. Customized label and bar code are available

7. Three sizes for your selection, and customized size is also available



Model number








Natural rattan









How to use

1. Clean and dry the banneton basket, coated thinly and evenly with flour along inside of the basket

2. Put a piece of dough into the rattan basket till it completely fermented to fit the basket

3. The pattern of the China banneton proofing basket clearly imprint on the fermented dough, beautiful bread mould formed.

4. Turn over the basket, take out of the dough, and transfer it onto a baking sheet of oven.

5. Bake the bread, clean the basket or set another dough into it, repeat the above procedure.


Pictures of Rectangle Shape China Banneton Proofing Basket TSBT15-TSBT16

Customized in Banneton basket factory

As an experienced China banneton proofing basket supplier, the factory has some standard shapes and sizes of bread basket. There are shapes of round, rectangle, square and heart with different sizes. Customized shape and size can also be made.



How to clean the natural rattan banneton proofing basket

After using rattan banneton proofing basket, dry it naturally. It there is dough stick on it, rub off lightly with a brush and clean it in warm and mild soapy water. Then put it in an airy place and dry it naturally. Don’t hang the banneton in the strong sunshine.  

How to Maintain Rattan Banneton Basket?

Rattan Bannton Basket cannot be long-time exposure to outdoor sunshine exposure, or rain washed;

Rattan Bannton Basket cannot be long-time placed in too wet shade, so as to avoid moldy borers.

Rattan Bannton Basket should be wipe gently with a damp cloth and store in somewhere warm and dry.


Banneton basket factory pictures



About us

We are the leading China bakeware manufacturer and has been striving to producing the best baking products, raging from sheet pans, loaf pans/toast tins, baguette trays, OEM industry cup trays, bakery trolley, cooling rack and many other series of bakeware tools to baking related tools like banneton baskets, plastic basket wholesales, bakery couche, baking mat and so on. We have many successful and pleased customization cases by cooperation with International customers.

What is more important, our factory ability to customize bakeware in China helps you grasp opportunities in your market and makes you much more competitive in price. In other words, we are absolutely professional and reliable baking sheet pan supplier, French baguette tray supplier, China stainless steel trolley supplier, China industry cup tray factory, multi-mould baking tray manufacturer, China single loaf pan and customized strap loaf pan factory, stainless steel cooling rack manufacturer - a full-scale China high quality bakeware manufacturer producing many other baking related series.

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