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Premium natrual rattan banneton proofing basketPremium natrual rattan banneton proofing basketPremium natrual rattan banneton proofing basketPremium natrual rattan banneton proofing basket

Premium natrual rattan banneton proofing basket

  • Model Number : TSMT02
  • Material: Premium quality Natural rattan
  • Size : round dia 5’’-dia 12’’ , other shape(oval, rectangle, triangle, square, heart) and customized size
  • Crafts: handmade
  • Package : opp bag + ctn
  • Function : bread dough fermentation and shaping
  • MOQ : 30PCS

Main Features

1. BEST FOR MAKING HEALTHY and ARTISAN BREAD : Bannetons are used for rising your dough while providing the loaf with shape and wicking moisture from the crust, work by creating a slightly humid micro-climate between the dough and the banneton during proofing, to create a superb skin for artisan bread.

2. TOP QUALITY MATERIALS USED - Made of handmade, hand-crafted unbleached natural rattan cane that is eco-friendly, food-safe, and non-toxic,

3. EASY TO CLEAN : Hand wash with warm water and keep dry after clean

4. MULTI-PURPOSE --- When not in use, why not use this handmade braided natural rattan as an attractive and pretty bread basket, fruits basket, vegetables basket, or accessory around your kitchen and home? The rustic appeal will give your room a traditional and classic feel.

Materials & Workship of China banneton proofing basket

It is a low price bread basket directly from banneton basket factory. It is cheaper comparable to bread baskets on sale from the middleman.

It is 100% hand made with natural rattan and it is food grade safe, environment friendly.  During the hand-making process, the materials of China banneton proofing basket definitely is not waxed, or painted. Therefore there is no toxic and pollution caused.

Rattan materials have a tendency to turn bright-darker-brown in color through using and finnaly come to get a better looking. As this low price bread basket is totally natural and hand made, each one may be nuances in color and sizes. These nuances do not come into notice and could be ignored.




Good Efficiency and Multipurpose of Bread Basket on Sale

Banneton has been used to ferment and shape dough for centuries. China banneton proofing basket has differnt shapes so that bread and be made out with expected shapes. And the natural grains of bannetons clearly imprint on the fermented dough, beautiful bread mould formed.It is also good for dough proofing. The dough is protected from moisture and humidity as the banneton is ventilated.

This low price bread basket is not only for dough fermentation, but can also bring outstanding performance for other purposes.  Its decorative trivets style ensures an rustic, traditional and classic flavor. The braided natural rattan couldn’t be better as an attractive and pretty bread basket, fruits basket, vegetables basket, or accessory around your house.It is cheap directly from banneton basket factory, cutting out the middleman. You can definitely be competitive and get enough profits at your market.

Multi-shape and Sizes of Bread Basket for Selection

As an experienced China bakeware manufacturer, the factory has some standard shapes and sizes of bread basket. There are shapes of round, rectangle, square and heart with differnt sizes. Customized shape and size can also be made.

How to use China Banneton proofing Basket

When you get a new banneton it needs a little conditioning to get it to the best condition.  Flour a thin layerboth on the bread basket bottom and ablong inside the basket. Put the dough into the rattan banneton proofing basket, which is completely formented to fit the basket. It is better to used a thin-floured cover on the top of the dough, so that to protect the exposed dough from drying out.

Banneton basket factory come up with fitable customized packin. And hangtag is very helpful in creating brand impression.

How to clean the natural rattan banneton proofing basket

After using China banneton proofing basket, dry it naturally. It there is dough stick on it, rub off lightly with a brush and clean it in warm and mild soapy water. Then put it in an airy palce and dry it naturally. Don’t hang the banneton in the strong sunshine.  

How to Maintain Rattan Banneton Basket?

Rattan Bannton Basket cannot be long-time exposure to outdoor sunshine exposure, or rain washed;

Rattan Bannton Basket cannot be long-time placed in too wet shade, so as to avoid moldy borers.

Rattan Bannton Basket should be wipe gently with a damp cloth and store in somewhere warm and dry.

About us

Tsingbuy is professioanl China bakeware manufacturer. We cooperate with our brother factory and promote their 100% hand made and low price bread basket.

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If you need to know the price, you can first kindly tell me your required shape and size(diameter/lenghth/width/deepness), we will recommend you a fitable size out of our standard size. If you want custom size, we can also design and produce for you.



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