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1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid

1500g Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid

  • Model number: TSTP
  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: upper 450*123mm, bottom 447*120mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Dought weight: 1500g
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Surface: non-stick coating are optional
  • Packing: carton
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Function: single loaf bread baking pan for bakery, food factory, home kitchen and so on.

1500g Aluminum Non-stick Loaf Pan with Lid


Main features of 1500g aluminum non-stick loaf pan with lid

- 1.0 thick aluminum material, best heat conductivity among all the metal baking pans.

- Rectangular shape design with easily drop-on and drop-off lid, to make accurate cube shaped toast bread.

- Food-safty non-stick coating, easier for bread loaf release and pan cleanup.

- Bottom perforated is good for air flow and make it easier to demould.

- Curling edge and wire in rim for extra support, more strength, better durability and loger service life.

- Tsingbuy had custom manufactured many types of metal bread loaf pan. We have became a leading professional and experienced as a aluminum bread loaf pan manufacturer.


Product image of 1500 aluminum non-stick loaf pan with lid



Customized loaf pan service from Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy has been also supplying custom manufacturing of single loaf pan and strap loaf pan. We have engaged in bakeware industry for more than 12 years. Strap loaf pan customization is one of our main business. We have supplied hundreds of customized single/strap loaf pan, as well as non-stick toast pan supplier for international customers. By telling us your required size, we will send you a design chart to confirm and then will come out with the product on your demand. 

Here are some pictures of more loaf pans we have made for your information. Welcome to contact us anytime for more information. 



Loaf pan factory pictures

Here are some production pictures from bottom perforated loaf pan supplier. For more pictures, pleas turn to the gallery. 


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