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Pizza Service Board: carry the delicious with the texture of the years

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-08-24 11:46:59

What is Pizza Service Board?

Pizza service boards, also known as pizza boards or pizza paddles, are kitchen utensils that every pizza shop should equip with. It can be used as a direct pizza holder, directly holding the steaming hot pizza presented to customers to taste.

Generally speaking, pizza service boards are made of wood, with clear and unique wood grain, simple and elegant, and can effectively insulate heat, not scalding diners. Direct presentation of pizza with pizza service boards can also highlight the style and standard of a pizza shop, and highlight the natural taste of pure hand-made and ready-to-bake pizza.

Yes, the pizza service board doesn't have a fancy appearance. It's more uniform in shape. After all, pizza is in the most common shape of round, so the most common shape of pizza service board is the round thick plate (double-sided flat available). There will be a very humanized handle designed on the edge of the plate (with a certain radian, smooth and burr-free, more comfortable for grip), so that holding and serving Pizza will be more stable.

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Material Selection

There are manuy choices for pizza service board material. It is generally recommended to choose solid wood. Because trees themselves have certain bactericidal and bacteriostatic functions, and wood pizza service board, although fewer materials, have excellent bactericidal and bacteriostatic performance.

However, thare are many options for solid wood to make pizza service board, such as pine, bamboo, oak, beech, acacia, walnut and so on. Different materials will have different texture and feeling. The visual effect and tactile will be different.

For example, pizza service boards made of natural bamboo wood have a relatively fine and fresh texture. They are usually not painted, which is more natural and plain. In addition, if you choose the bamboo wood pizza service board, it is recommended to choose double-thickness design which will be more durable.

And the pine and oak wood are popular options too. Oak has a solid texture and good plasticity, while pine has a full texture and a bright color.

Special Tips

The texture and color of natural solid wood are different because of its variety, tree age and orientation, so that the texture of pizza service board is usually different.

Whta is more, it is normal for pizza service board to produce a small amount of sawdust in the process of using, and there will be knife marks on the board surface, which is the protection for knife blade which will not affect the service life of the board. But neither chop on the board, nor put it into the oven directly for baking.

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Price Interval

According to the choice of solid wood raw materials and different manufacturing processes, pizza service boards will not only have differences in appearance, but also have differneces in price which is the most intuitive and usually in one to fifty dollars. Among them, the more common production process is to use natural solid wood for polishing and grinding, and some may also be painted.Pizza service board with this production process is at low price.

Another production process is also relatively common which is also using natural solid wood raw materials, but the process technology is more complex. First, the wood is crushed and boiled into wood pulp, then removed and extracted. Only the wood pulp fiber components are retained and laminated into high-density composite boards, thus making pizza service boards. Pizza service board appling this technology is relatively high and usually used for exporting. The price may be even as high as $30 to $50.

Pizza Service Board Maintenance

As for purchased pizza service board, first wipe off the surface floating and sinking with a rag before putting it into use, and then carry out oiling maintenance. Ordinary cooking oil, or olive oil, etc. can be fully permeated, placed in a ventilated place for natural air-drying. After several times of such maintenance, the pizza service board will be more durable and not easy to crack and deform.

The oiled pizza service board will be darker in color than before. And with using time past, its color will gradually deepen, which is a normal phenomenon needing no worry.

In order to prolong the service life of pizza service board, proper handling should also be paid attention to in the daily use. First of all, pizza service board should not be immersed in water for long time. After use, it should be washed and dried in time (do not use bleaching agent, steel ball, etc.) and placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally, so that the service life can be guaranteed and the probability of dampness and mildew can be reduced.

Secondly, pizza service board can not be put into oven, microwave oven or high temperature sterilizing cabinet for heating and disinfection. It can not withstand the drastic changes in temperature. In addition, direct sunlight (exposure) should also be avoided, otherwise it is easy to deform and crack (burr pricking hands) and so on.

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Paint description

Some pizza service boards will be painted in the production process. By doing this, the wood products can maintain good color and texture, and also reduce wear and tear, prolong life, become moistureproof and anti-corrosion, inhibit bacterial breeding.

But the raw materials must be natural and environmentally friendly food grade, and be able to directly contact food, harmless to the human body, otherwise it is not recommended to choose, although the color will be bright. We recommend that it is better to choose self-oiling maintenance, which is more safe and reliable.