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Rectangle Mesh Screen Baking TrayRectangle Mesh Screen Baking TrayRectangle Mesh Screen Baking TrayRectangle Mesh Screen Baking TrayRectangle Mesh Screen Baking TrayRectangle Mesh Screen Baking Tray

Rectangle Mesh Screen Baking Tray

  • Product Name: Pizza mesh plate, aluminum seamless wrapped barbecue plate, high temperature baking mesh tray
  • Product material: aluminum, aluminum alloy material.
  • Product size: 6-22 inches, customized.
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Packing: 30pcs/carton
  • Function: one net multi-purpose: Pizza baking, pancakes, toast, BBQ, barbecue, barbecue.

Rectangle Mesh Screen Baking Tray


Main features of rectangle mesh screen baking tray

1. The mesh plate is made of thickened aluminum material, the surface is anodized, and has good corrosion resistance. It is easy to put and take food on the screen into the oven;

2. Dense net distribution, the surface bearing capacity is even, not easy to deformation, so that the back of the baked food grain orderly and beautiful.

3. Various sizes are available, and the shape can be customized. The surface is carefully polished, smooth and bright. It is not easy to stick food, and easy to clean.

4. Due to different material, wire diameter, mesh size, product size and other specification choices in pizza screen manufacturer, please contact us for order.

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