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Custom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking PanCustom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking PanCustom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking PanCustom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking PanCustom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking PanCustom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking Pan

Custom Jumbo Muffin Tray Pancake Baking Pan

  • Model: TSMT
  • Product name: pancake pan, jumbo muffin pan, large cupcake baking pan, non stick baking tray
  • material: alusteel/aluminium
  • pan size: 400x600mm and custom size
  • mold size: custom
  • surface: PTFE non stick, or silicone non stick
  • packing: 10pcs/carton
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Function: baking mold for pancakes, muffin cake, cupcake, hamburger bun bread etc in bakery, restaurant, hotel, food restaurant and so on


Custom Made Commercial Industrial Bakeware Aluminium / Alusteel Non Stick Jumbo Muffin Tray Cupcake Tray Pancake Baking Pans


Main features of custom made commercial pancake muffin cupcake baking pans

1. Made of heavy duty aluminum or aluminized steel material, food grade, hygienical, can contact with food directly.

2. The pancake baking pan has separate cavities for baking each pancake, jumbo muffin or large cupcake without sticking or burning. 

3. Treated with PTFE coated, the pancake pan does not require much and frequent oil lubrication, prevents the adhesion of the baked food and is comfortable to use. Besides, it is also easier for cleaning up and saves your labor.

4. The baking molds ring cups seam loacked with the sheet tray to provide rigid construction. And 4mm thick metal wire in rim of the tray frame provides rigidity agaist warping when baking in high temperature. 

5. Custom design and manufacturing demand is highly welcomed with Tsingbuy China pancake pan manufacturer


Pictures of custom made commercial industrial pancake muffin cupcake baking pans


Factory show

Here are some workshop production pictures of Tsingbuy jumbo cupcake pan factory. Tsingbuy is well equiped with CNC machines, punching ,cutting, moulding machines, our annual production ability has been over 150million US-dollars. More,With professional and experienced technician teams, we have been offering super OEM&ODM services to so many bread factories to fit their machines and different receipts requirements. All our raw material and coating are comply with food safety regulations and our products come with ISO9001,LFGB certificate. From raw material to finished products,we have strict quality control system in every process to make sure every pans in good condition. Welcome to visit us in Guangdong, China. 


Our main products

Besides large muffin pan wholesale, we also provide many other commercial bakeware series for bakeries, restaurants, food factories etc, such as baking sheet pan, baguette pan, single pullman loaf pan with lid, industrial use strap loaf pan, small cupcake tray, mini muffin baking pans, bakery trolley etc.  All of these commercial bakeware can be cutsom designed and manufactured. Tsingbuy, as a leading bakeware manufacturer in China, we are professional and experienced in providing ODM&OEM service after more than 15 years devotion in the industry. 




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