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Stainless steel Baking tray and Cooling net SetStainless steel Baking tray and Cooling net Set

Stainless steel Baking tray and Cooling net Set

  • Model Number : TSPP121
  • Material: Stainless steel 430 or 304
  • Tray Size : 310*240 *25 mm
  • Cooling rack size : 280*210*13mm
  • Package : poly bag, carton
  • Function : Stainless steel cooling net and baking tray for bakery /kitchen/food factory
  • MOQ : 50 sets / 100 pcs

Stainless steel Baking Tray and Cooling Net Set Wholesale in China

Features of stainless steel cooling net and baking tray set

1. Healthy Material 

The baking sheet is made of high quality pure 430 or 304 stainless steel in baking tray factory in China, without toxic chemical coating. And the stainless steel cooling net can also provide quickly and evenly heating and cooling as it is specially designed by China bakery rack factory.

2. Professional Bakeware

The stainless steel cooling net and baking tray are perfect for baking cookies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, brownies, corn bread and fruit cobblers and etc, food present out perfectly.

3. Exquisite Crafted

Tsingbuy baking tray manufacturer has mature technique to polish the surface comparable to superb mirror. The stainless steel baking tray will not stick foods. The hight quality stainless steel material makes the baking tray and cooling net strong and won’t warp or rust. The set is durable for many years use.


4. Easy Clean

The stainless steel baking tray has 1”lip around four sides, so as to ensure that the baking tray won’t spill food juice on your toaster oven. And the high quality material of stainless steel from baking tray manufacturer is easy to clean by hands or dishwasher.


Pictures of Stainless steel baking tray and cooling net set

About us

Tsingbuy is professional China bakeware manufacturer and also an experienced role as OEM full sheet pan supplier. We have engaged in bakeware for more than 12 years, manufacturing sheet pans, baking tray, cooling rack, baguette tray, loaf pans, bakery trolley, OEM industry cup tray and various customization bakeware. We also supply other baking related tools, such as banneton baskets, PP baskets, bread lame, baking couche and so on.

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