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Aluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking PanAluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking PanAluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking PanAluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking PanAluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking PanAluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking Pan

Aluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking Pan

  • Model number: TSFP
  • Product name: aluminium baguette pan, baguette baking mold, French bread tray, French bread loaf pan
  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: 400*600mm, and more standard sizes, custom size available
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Surface: non stick coated
  • Package: 10pcs/carton
  • Function: baking French loaf bread, long bread, baguette bread in bakery, restaurant, food factory etc


Commercial Industrial Bread Tray Baking Pan, Aluminum Perforated Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking Pan French Bread Baking Tray


Main features of 400*600mm 4 Grooves Aluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking Pan

Elevate your baking prowess to professional levels with Tsingbuy's aluminum non-stic long bread baguette baking pan, meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding culinary environments. Crafted by seasoned experts with over 20 years of industry experience, this pan is a hallmark of precision and reliability, catering specifically to the needs of commercial bakeries, restaurants, and food factories.

Highlighted Features:

1. Precision Engineering: Crafted from premium aluminum, this 400*600mm French loaf bread baking pan ensures consistent heat distribution, guaranteeing uniformly baked baguettes every time. Its non-stick surface allows effortless removal of baked goods, preserving the delectable golden crust and soft interior.

2. Enhanced Airflow Design: The perforated structure of the baguette bread baking pan facilitates optimal air circulation, resulting in flawlessly crispy baguettes with that signature texture. The close-ended, 4-row configuration maximizes baking space, optimizing productivity in bustling kitchen settings.

3. Customization for Varied Needs: Tsingbuy non-stick baguette pan manufacturer understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why this pan is available in custom sizes, providing flexibility to suit diverse baking requirements, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific operations.

4. Built to Endure: Engineered for durability, this baguette pan withstands the rigors of high-volume usage in professional kitchens, maintaining its integrity and performance over time. Its resilience makes it an indispensable asset in bustling baking environments.

5. Versatility Redefined: While perfect for crafting delectable baguettes, this baguette pan adapts seamlessly to various bread styles and recipes, offering versatility and reliability for seasoned bakers seeking top-tier results.

6. Tailored Solutions: Tsingbuy's commitment to client satisfaction shines through its personalized ODM&OEM services, empowering clients to customize baguette baking pans according to their unique specifications.

Unleash your culinary creativity and streamline your baking operations with Tsingbuy's aluminum alloy non-stick perforated baguette loaf bread baking pan. Experience unparalleled quality, durability, and versatility in commercial baking – an essential tool for achieving perfection in every batch.


Pictures of 400*600mm 4 Grooves Aluminum Non-stick Long Bread Baguette Baking Pan


More patterns of aluminum baguette pan French loaf bread baking mole trays



Customized service from China baguette tray factory

As an experienced long bread baking pan factory, we have offered many successful customized baguette trays to international customers. Most of the customzied aluminum baguette trays are for bakery and food factory. They are bigger than 4 rows baguette tray and more suitable for mass food production, as well as high-qualified with superior streigth and durability. We also designed a special silicone-coated baguette tray pattern with red color for the Middle-East customers. All in all, customized baguette trays from Tsingbuy are not only all on your demands to meet your needs, but also in excellent quality and durability. If you are looking for a factory to make baguette tray for special needs, just contact us.




About us

After more than 12 years care and support from our customers, Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been developing to be a professional China bakeware manufacturer and supplier. Today, we have customers and friends from more than 50 countries are using our products. Besides wholesale aluminum French bread tray, our product also include sheet pans, loaf pans, bakery trolley, multi-mould pans, cake molds, as well as enjoy our OEM&ODM bakeware services. we enjoy the happiness of baking, friendship andbusiness success, just like the tempting flavor of the bread.




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