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Non-stick Surface Maintenance

Zoe Tsingbuy 2019-10-09 09:35:52

Tsingbuy is a leading professional baking tray manufacturer in China with factory located in Guangzhou and non-ctick trays pans is one of our best-seller. Here we are going to share you some basic information in non-stick surface maintenance.

Part One: Basic Maintenance

1. Clean the trays(make sure not use sharp tool, or it will damage the teflon coating)

2. Brush oil with the tray ( in teflon coating area)

3. Set the oven on 180degrees

4. Put the trays inside oven , and keep in the oven at 180degrees for 10minutes

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From Tsingbuy non-stick baking tray manufacturer

Part Two: Other Maintenance Suggestions

1. Baking temperature need lower 250 degree and then can expand the life span.

2. To avoid unevenly heats .

3.  Don’t empty to burn.

4. Don’t use high temperature steam cooking for a long time as it is easy to make the teflon took off.

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From Tsingbuy teflon baking tray supplier

Part Three: Instructions of Teflon Daily Using

1. Cleaning with soft cloth and drying the tray before your using.

2. Using soft cloth or plastic scraper to clean the residues of the inner trays after finish baking.

3. Better to add some Neutral Detergent into temperature water to clean the residues entirely with soft cloth after using several times.

4. Brush some oil to improve the efficiency of coating while baking high sugar products ( recommend butter, baking tray’s oil or lard oil. Don’t use salad oil )

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From Tsingbuy silicone baking tray supplier