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Rubber Silicone Sheet PanRubber Silicone Sheet PanRubber Silicone Sheet PanRubber Silicone Sheet PanRubber Silicone Sheet PanRubber Silicone Sheet Pan

Rubber Silicone Sheet Pan

  • Material: aluminum, but aluminized steel and stainless steel are also optional
  • Size: 460*660mm, customized size available
  • Thickness: 1.0mm, customized thickness available
  • Surface: rubber silicone
  • Package: carton
  • MOQ: 100pcs

Rubber Silicone Sheet Pan

Main features of rubber silicone sheet pan

1. High quality and 1.0mm thick aluminium material for superior heat conductivity, which will be perfectly distributed the same amount of heat across the whole sheet pan, ensuring foods be perfectly cooked and baked.

2. Machine-stamp shee pan with seamless leak-proof design for variety of usage.

3. Certificated rubber silicone coating for easy release and cleanup. Oil new coated trays when first used can be good for the release properties and longevity.

4. This rubber silicone sheet pan can be made to suit customer’s requirement as well with Tsingbuy full baking tray manufacturer.

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Customized sheet pan in Tsingbuy flat tray factory

Tsingbuy Industry Limited is also the professional and leading aluminum baking tray manufacturer supplying cookie sheet baking tray, baguette baking tray, as well as multi-mould baking tray and other aluminum bakeware customization service.

Besides aluminum sheet pan baking tray, you have many more choices in customized tray as follows.

Material: aluminum. Alusteel, stainless steel, carbon steel

Tray types: sheet pan baking tray, baguette baking tray, loaf pan, multi-mold baking tray, cake pan, cooling rack, drying tray and so on.

Surface: natural(no coating), non-stick(teflon coated/silicone coated), anodized surface, corrugated surface, perforated surface.

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