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10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray

10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Bread Baking Tray

  • Model: TSMT
  • Product name: metal bread baking tray, Hot dog bun bread baking pan
  • material: alusteel/aluminium
  • size: 400x600mm and custom size
  • bun mold size: custom
  • surface: PTFE non stick, or silicone non stick
  • packing: 10pcs/carton
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Function: baking mold for hot dog bun bread in bakery, restaurant, hotel, food restaurant etc.

Custom Made Aluminium Alu Steel Metal Non Stick 10 Molds Hot Dog Bun Pan Hot Dog Bread Baking Tray


Main features of custom hot dog bun bread baking tray

- made of 0.4/0.8mm thick aluminized steel, the best thickness between balance of durability and excellent heat conductivity for better baking efficiency.

- came out by high precision and high density machinery production, in exquisite workmanship, high quality and a best durability.

- custom size for pans is available, adapt to the needs of customers and food factory lines.

- diamond quality of non-stick coating, safe to directly contact food.

- Professionalhot dog bun pan manufacturerwith over 12 years experiences and thousands of successful cases for customers from 50+ countries all over the world.


Product images of custom hot dog bun bread baking tray



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Production pictures from Tsingbuy burger bun tray factory.

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