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Aluminum Kugelhopf Cake PanAluminum Kugelhopf Cake PanAluminum Kugelhopf Cake PanAluminum Kugelhopf Cake PanAluminum Kugelhopf Cake Pan

Aluminum Kugelhopf Cake Pan

  • Model number: TSCT
  • Material: aluminum
  • Size: top outer diametr 165mm and inner diameter 150mm, bottom diameter 110mm
  • Height:  90mm
  • Middel hollow: bottom diameter 65mm, top diameter 28mm, height 100mm
  • Weight: 124g around
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Package: carton
  • Function: Kugelhopf cake pan, Kugelhopf bread baking pan

Aluminum Kugelhopf Cake Pan


Main features of aluminum Kugelhopf cake pan

- Aluminum alloy material, heating monarch, light material, high strength, not easy to deformation;

- Heat transfer is good, baking effect is better and faster than other materials;

- Alkali resistance, acid resistance, high sugar resistance;

- Long service life, can be used repeatedly;

- Integrated molding design, no burr, easy to clean, no dirt;

- Various functions, can make Kugelhopf cake, bread, pudding, jelly, etc.


Product images of aluminum Kugelhopf cake pan

For this aluminum Kugelhopf bread cake pan, we have other types from Kugelhopf cake pan manufacturer, which has no middle hollow, just a removable and flat bottom.


More types of cake pans from Tsingbuy

Besides Kugelhopf cake pan, we also manufacture many other cake pans like Chiffon cake pan, mousse cake pan and so on in various shapes and sizes. Here are some pictures of cake pans from Tsingbuy aluminum cake pan factory for your information.  


Note for using aluminum cake pan

1. Before using the mold for the first time, clean the inside first, and then wipe it with a soft cloth;

2. After each red test, please use soft cloth or soft plastic scraper to remove the residual food.

3. When the mold is used for a period of time, it is better to add a small amount of neutral detergent with warm water, and thoroughly wash the residue in the mold with soft cloth.


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