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60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray

60 Molds Non Stick Croissant Pan Bread Baking Tray

  • Model number: TSMT
  • Product name: croissant tray, croissant pan, bread tray, croissant mold, croissant mould
  • Material: aluminized steel
  • Tray size: 600x800mm and any custom size can be made
  • Cup mold: multiple sizes for choices
  • Surface: non-stick coated (teflon coating)
  • Packing: opp bag and cartons
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Function: extra large tray with croissant bread baking mold for commercial baking settings, like in bakery, food factory etc

Customized 60-mold Aluminized Steel Non Stick Croissant Pan, Extra Large Commercial Bread Baking Trays


Main features of 60-mold aluminized steel non stick croissant pan bread baking tray

Elevate your commercial baking operations to new heights with our Extra Large Commercial Croissant Bread Pan—a game-changer designed exclusively for industrial baking settings. Engineered for efficiency and durability, this croissant pan is equipped with features that cater specifically to the demands of professional bakers. Here's why our Extra Large Commercial Croissant Bread Pan is an indispensable asset:

1. Industrial Baking Prowess: Crafted from heavy-duty aluminized steel, our pan is a symbol of industrial strength. Engineered to withstand the rigors of high-capacity production, it ensures consistent and reliable results with every use.

2. Versatility in Commercial Settings: Tailored for commercial bread pans and trays, this pan boasts 60 croissant molds per pan—providing the ideal platform for large-scale baking operations. Whether you're running a bakery, food factory, or any industrial baking facility, our pan is the key to streamlining your processes.

3. Optimized for Industrial Oven Trays: The extra-large size (600*800mm) of our commercial croissant pan is strategically designed for compatibility with industrial oven trays, ensuring seamless integration into your existing baking infrastructure.

4. Professional Baking Pans for Exceptional Results: Trust in the quality of our professional baking pans. The Teflon non-stick coating facilitates easy release, while the heavy-duty construction guarantees longevity, making it a go-to choice for commercial bakers aiming for perfection.

5. Tailored for Automation: Custom-made for automatic machinery food production lines, our pan is engineered to maximize the efficiency of your industrial baking processes. Experience a seamless blend of technology and craftsmanship for unparalleled productivity.

6. Extra Large Commercial Baking Pans and Trays: Our commitment to excellence extends to the extra-large size, ensuring that each pan is a testament to the high standards expected in commercial bread pans and trays.

Revolutionize your industrial baking experience with the pinnacle of innovation—our Extra Large Commercial Croissant Bread Pan. Unlock the potential of industrial baking pans and trays, professional baking pans, and commercial bread trays by incorporating this exceptional tool into your production line. Contact Tsingbuy croissant pan factory now and redefine your approach to large-scale baking!


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Tsingbuy Industry Limited is one of the leading croissant baking tray manufacturer with more than 17 years experience in bakery industry, since factory established in 2006. Industrial multi-mould baking pans customization from Tsingbuy is a best choice if you have needs. Our products have been exported to Europe, American, Audtralia/New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and other areas. We look forward to joining hands with more and more international customers in producing Industrial multi-mould baking pans to enjoy the charm of qualified bakeware. The following listed Industrial multi-mould baking pans are for your reference, we have many more multi-mould pans in factory. Please contact us with any of your needs and requirements.



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Besides wholesale bread tray, Tsingbuy also provides custom stainless steel bakery tray pan bread trolley which can be baked in oven. Welcome to cotact us at any time.




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