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What is Cooking Rack?

2018-11-21 14:44:04

What is Cooking Rack304 stainless steel cooling rack is really a good bakery assistant in our market and it is very hot selling recently. We are very willing to share that product with you. We believe you will like it.

What is the cooling rack:

baked goods, and to prevent them getting soggy from condensation.A cooling rack (also known simply as a wire rack) is used to allow air to circulate freely to cool

A tight grid is typically the best format for a cooling rack, to prevent thin baked goods from breaking or falling through.

An alternative is often to flip the baked goods upside down and leave them in the original hot pan.

Unique selling points for stainless steel cooling rack:

1, High quality construction: 304 grade 18/8 stainless steel contains 8% nickel making it highly corrosion resistant

2, Oven safe: to 575˚F degrees - bake, roast, cook & grill

3, Tight grid pattern: prevents sagging & can support food or a cake of considerable heft

4, Dishwasher Safe: 304 grade stainless steel is rust resistant

5, No artificial coatings or cheap chrome plating that can wear off or flake in your food. It is very healthy for your food.

6, Size: hot selling size is 12*17 inch , we also can according to your request to produce any size.

7, Package: We’ll according to your request to package them according to your quantity.

That’s why customers choose for us, hope that cooling rack will be your good bakery assistant also.