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Custom Case: Trolley Shelf & Trays & LED lights

Zoe Tsingbuy 2021-05-10 15:24:45

At the end of 2019, we designed and manufactured trolley shelf with trays and LED lights for plant seedling cultivation company. After sample confirmation in 2019, we get batch production and finish the shipment at the end of 2020. Here we would like to share the custom procedures with you.

Step One: received customer’s requirements

Original Demands


Trolley shelf with flat trays


1300x600x1900mm, 13 layers


Stainless Steel



Special feature

Need 2 rails to insert LED plates under each flat trays



Step Two: confirm with customer for more detals (Ⅰ)

Details confirmed


Provide space layer frame and light source for some photocultured seeds, make plants germinate and cultivate seedlings.

Layer distance

The distance between each layer

LED lights

13 LED plate lights for each trolley shelf;

Relationship between installation mode and rails;

Required specifications for LED lights (still under discussion);

Step Three: confirm with customer for more details (Ⅱ)

Details confirmed


Load bearing requirements for each layer and the whole trolley shelf;

Flat tray

The tray material, thickness and workmanship


Know more about the trolley shelf application details from cutomer, helping us to design the product with better user experience.

LED lights

Required specification for LED are still under discussion

Thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is a problem as it will affects plants growing.

We choose to apply polystyrene insulator board,10mm thickness, 80℃ heat-resistance, which is light and good in heat resistance, what is more, it saves cost for customer.

Step Four: confirm with customer for more details (Ⅲ)


Hand-drawing for each layer structure


Hand-drawing for trolley shelf


LED lines stucture


Each layer

3 items in each layer


Trolley and trays

The biggest height for the whole trolley shelf is 2050mm;

The distance between each layer is 12-13cm;

Thus, the trolley can only be made into 12 layer, rather than 13 layers.

The tray thickness is 1.5mm aluminium and the load bearing capacity is 15-20kg for wach layer.


Professional chart



Waiting fr LED lights from factory, to assemble one sample set and send it to customer for confirmation.


Our advantage

The trolley shelf is big in size. We quoted the detachable trolley shelf which saves the 100sets volumn from 147CBM to 40CBM. The volumn is reduced 73% and saves the shipping cost of a high ontainer and small container. We also provide wood pallets packing to ensure no damage from shipping.

The trolley material is solid 1.2mm thick 201 stainless steel (while generally speacking the trolley shelf is 0.8/1.0mm in the market).

There is no problem for bearing capacity of 240KG and 12pcs flat trays in big size, and 12pcs LED light plates.

Step Five: Quotation ad Sample Confirmation


Since the only requirement for tray is rust-resistance, and there is no food grade requirements, we suggested customer and finally agreed to change the trays in previous quotation to 3 smaller size trays(400x600mm), made in aluminized steel, welded in corners and with reversed edges.

This change helped saving the tray cost and also improve the bearing capacity up to 30KGS per layer. (each tray for 10KG).

Trial assembling

Need to wait for cooperated LED light supplier to improve the LED light solution, to solve power line safety question.

Sample confirmation

Improved power lines solution, as following

Step Six: Batch Production