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Silicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake PanSilicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake PanSilicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake PanSilicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake PanSilicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake PanSilicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake Pan

Silicone Cake Baking Molds 3D Cake Pan

  • Model number: TSCT
  • Product name: silicone cake pan, silicone cake mold, cake mould, cake baking tin
  • Material: silicone
  • Size: various options
  • Shape: various shape for choices
  • Features: colorful, collapsible, oven safe
  • Package: 20pcs/carton
  • Function: baking cake bread in home kitchen, bakery, restaurant, food factory etc


Factory Wholesale New Design, New Material Bakeware

Food Grade Safe 3D Cake Baking Pan, Cake Baking Mold, Cake Moulds


Main features of silicone cake baking pan, 3d cake mold mould

1. Premium Silicone Construction: Crafted from high-quality, food-grade silicone, our3d cake mold ensures a safe and reliable baking experience. The silicone material not only meets stringent food safety standards but also offers exceptional durability.

2. Multiple Designs: Designed with all kinds of 3d shape, our silicone cake baking mold pan features elegant shapes, allowing you to bake for all occasions. Perfect for those who appreciate both precision and time-saving.

3. Soft and Non-Deformable Silicone: The soft and non-deformable nature of the silicone ensures easy demolding without compromising the shape of your delicious creations. Enjoy the flexibility of silicone, making your baking experience both enjoyable and stress-free.

4. Vibrant Color Options: Express your style with our array of color choices. From classic neutrals to vibrant hues, you can choose the color that best suits your kitchen aesthetic. Tsingbuy silicone cake mold supplier provides the superior quality of silicone meets functional design. Order now and discover the joys of hassle-free and efficient baking!


Pictures of silicone cake baking pan, 3d cake mold mould


Other new material silicone bakeware products

 Tsingbuy bakeware manufacturer has been engaged in bakeware manufacturing and development for over 15 years. We specialize in metal baking pans and are constantly researching new types of baking tools to meet customer needs. Silicone material is a baking tool material that has been proven by the market and is highly favored by customers. Soft, non stick, durable, and easy to manage are its biggest characteristics. Our best-selling silicone baking utensils also include fermentation baskets, as shown in the following image. Welcome to inquire.




Traditional Metal Bakeware Baking Pans for Commercial Use

After more than 15 years care and support from our customers, Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been developing to be a professional China bakeware manufacturer and supplier. Today, we have customers and friends from more than 50 countries are using our products. Besides wholesale french bread mold, our product also include sheet pans, loaf pans, bakery trolley, multi-mould pans, cake molds, as well as enjoy our OEM&ODM bakeware services. we enjoy the happiness of baking, friendship andbusiness success, just like the tempting flavor of the bread.





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