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Tsingbuy on IBIE in Las Vegas in USA

Tsingbuy, who has engaged in bakeware industry for more than 12 years, are on International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in USA as an professional bakeware manufacturer.

Visits to American customers before IBIE

The IEBE is going to be held. Our partners have arrived in the United States a week earlier and spent several days visiting our customers in American.

Custom Manufacturing of Baguette Tray

Here we would like to make a brief introduction to how to custom baguette tray. The following is only for the general situation of tsingbuy French baguette baking pan manufacturer. Genarally speaking, any size of baguette tray can be customzied if there is no strict demands on row size.

The Workcraft of Multi-mould Baking Tray

As we know, the multi-mould baking tray is consist of tray frame and inner cups. When we talking about customized multi-mould baking tray, we usually customized the inner cup sizes and then set the cups into the tray frame.

About Croissant

Croissant has external crispy while soft interior, golden crisp exterior and soft interior texture. A bite is full of creamy fragrance.

Non-stick Surface Maintenance

Tsingbuy is a leading professional baking tray manufacturer in China with factory located in Guangzhou and non-ctick trays pans is one of our best-seller. Here we are going to share you some basic information in non-stick surface maintenance.

About Butter and Cheese

Butter is concentrated by the milk fat of the milk, the milk cream and skimmed milk in the milk are separated by telecentricity, and the cream layer is heated and sterilized, stirred, and only the milk fat is agglomerated. The milk fat component is 80% or more, and the water content is 17% or less.

About Milk and Cream

This article will introduce the ingredients and characteristics of milk and whipped cream, which can be better used when making cakes and pastries.
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Phone: +86 755 85234769
Fax: +86 755 85234769
WhatsApp: +8615018547273
Skype: aliceliu870411
Add: B1 Building, Dafu Industry Park, Dafu Road, Guanlan, Longhua District,Shenzhen, 518110,CHINA
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Industrial nonstick shell shape madeleine cake panIndustrial nonstick shell shape madeleine cake pan

Industrial nonstick shell shape madeleine cake pan

  • Model number: TSMT
  • Material  : Aluminized steel
  • Frame size : 400*720*32 mm
  • Inner cup size : 80*50*24 mm ; 80*68*24 mm ; Customized size is acceptable.
  • Workmanship: Machine stamped; welding ;
  • Surface: Teflon/silicone coating
  • Package :10 pcs/Carton
  • Function: OEM industry cup tray, used in Bakery or food factory and so on

Main Features of Madeleine Cake Pan

1. Commercial bakery using pan directly from baking tray factory in China

2. Superior heat conduction, aluminized steel construction

3. Easy release, non-stick coating for ease in baking and cleanup

4. Dozens of cups OEM industry cup tray, suitable for food-factory production

5. Match with automatic bread baking oven with drawing required

6. Customized size in length, width, inner cups for unique usage

7. Genarally standard sizes for Ready-made molds, suitable for most requirements

8. Aluminized steel is food-safety material with certificate by professional bakers and commercial bakeries for its durability and high-performance capabilities


Instructions of Coating Daily Using from Baking Tray Manufacturer

1. Cleaning with soft cloth and drying the tray before your using.

2. Using soft cloth or plastic scraper to clean the residues of the inner trays after finish baking.

3. Better to add some Neutral Detergent into temperature water to clean the residues entirely with soft cloth after using several times.

4. Brush some oil to improve the efficiency of coating while baking high sugar products ( recommend butter, baking tray’s oil or lard oil. Don’t use salad oil )


Descriptions of Non-stick Shell Shape Madeliene Cake Pan



Multi-moulds Pan Produced by Customized Baking Tray Supplier in China

Tsingbuy baking tray manufacturer has more than 12 years experience in producing bakeware, like sheet pan, baguette tray, loaf pan, OEM industry cup tray and other series. And there are many different patterns of product in each series.


First of all, the workship may be different. The above picture shows OEM industry cup tray stamped by machine with round corner. Usually hand-made tray has right-angle corner. These aluminized steel OEM industry cup trays are sprayed teflon coating or silicone coating in baking tray factory in China. Natural trays without coating are also available. As the materials are high-quality and food-safe, and much too helpful in baking cakes in great numbers. It’s a great choice for bakery and food factory.

If the standard sizes from baking tray factory in China can’t meet your needs, customization are also available. Just tell us your requirements in length, width, and inner-cup size, we’ll design and make a drawing for your confirm to produce.


Baking Tray Patterns from Customized Baking Tray Supplier in China


Factory Tours in Baking Tray Factory in China

Abouts us

Tsingbuy Industry Limited has been becoming one of the leading manufacturers in commercial and home bakeware industry in China. We have more than 10 years focusing on research, development and manufacture of bakeware. Our products mainly cover sheet pan, multi-mould OEM industry cup tray, baguette tray, cake pan, industrial bread pan, pizza pan and other bakeware.

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