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Customized perforated aluminum baking trayCustomized perforated aluminum baking trayCustomized perforated aluminum baking trayCustomized perforated aluminum baking trayCustomized perforated aluminum baking trayCustomized perforated aluminum baking tray

Customized perforated aluminum baking tray

  • Model number: TSPP
  • Material: aluminum
  • Style: customized tray
  • Size: 400*600mm
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Surface: perforated
  • Hole dia: 3mm
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Package: opp bag and carton

Customized perforated aluminum baking tray sheet pan

Main features of customized perforated aluminum baking tray sheet pan

1. High quality aluminum and sientifical 2.0mm thickness for both superior heat conductivity and durability.

2. Two folded size for more strength and stable support, prevents warping.

3. Two open size for easy pouring out foods like cookies, biscuits and so on.

4. Food-safety teflon coating non-stick surface for easy cleaning.

5. Perforated bottom, can be also used as drying pan, good for cooling food.

6. Machine stamp workmanship for exquisite and perfect appearance.

7. Never rust,durable and strong, quality assurance, long service life, for wholesales directly from Tsingbuy aluminum baking tray factory at low price.

Pictures of customized perforated aluminum baking tray sheet pan



Instructions of coating daily using

Here, Tsinguy aluminum baking pan producer gives you some instructions of coating daily using, which will make the teflon-coated aluminum baking tray sheet pan more durable and get a longer service life.

1. Cleaning with soft cloth and drying the tray before your using.

2. Using soft cloth or plastic scraper to clean the residues of the inner trays after finish baking.

3. Better to add some Neutral Detergent into temperature water to clean the residues entirely with soft cloth after using several times.

4. Brush some oil to improve the efficiency of coating while baking high sugar products ( recommend butter, baking tray’s oil or lard oil. Don’t use salad oil )



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Since our beginning in 2006, Tsingbuy Industry Limited has succeeded in manufacturing, delivering, further research, development in commercial and home-use bakeware contributing into the grain-based food industry. Our products mainly covers sheet pans, multi-mould pans, loaf pans/toast tins, baguette trays, bakery trolleys, cooling racks, cake pans, mousse rings, and other various bakeware tools and accessories.  

With more than 12 years full-hearted devotion, Tsingbuy Industry Limited has won the support of customers from more than 50 countries all over the world and now has ranked among the leading China bakeware manufacturers and suppliers. During the coopperation with our customers, Tsingbuy has also grew into a professional supplier of customized baking pans and OEM full sheet pan supplier, which is taking a extraordinary role among all the bakeware business.

In order to meet the growing needs of international customers and offer up-to-date service better, we have expand our bakeware series to banneton bread proofing basket, PP basket, Pizza tools and other smallwares. We have been striving to providing high quality bakeware all the way with enterprise core values in mind. You can be assured that your experience with Tsingbuy will be pleasant and productive!


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