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Tsingbuy on IBIE in Las Vegas in USA

Tsingbuy, who has engaged in bakeware industry for more than 12 years, are on International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in USA as an professional bakeware manufacturer.

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Tsingbuy on IBIE in Las Vegas in USA - 2

Tsingbuy, who has engaged in bakeware industry for more than 12 years, are on International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in USA as an professional bakeware manufacturer.

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Special loaf pan of heart shape

Here we are introducing this special-designed loaf pan from Tsingbuy China loaf pan supplier. It is made of aluminum material and it is easily demoulded with anodized surface. It will make you a heart-shaped loaf bread.
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Aluminized Steel Customzied Mini Loaf Pan with 24 Cups

Aluminized Steel Customzied Mini Loaf Pan with 24 Cups

  • Model number: TSTP
  • Material: aluminized steel
  • External Size: cusomzied size
  • Internal Size: customzied size
  • Internal Thickness: 0.7 mm alusteel
  • Cover Thickness: 2.0mm alusteel
  • Surface Finish: Teflon Coating
  • Package: 20pcs/carton
  • MOQ: 50pcs

Aluminized Steel Customzied Mini Loaf Pan with 24 Cups

Main features of customized 24 cups mini loaf pan

1. Mini loaf pan with 24 cups, suitable for food factory production

2. High quality aluminized steel materials, good heat conductivity, food-safe and strong durability.

3. Folded construction with reinforced wire support in each pocket, stable and not warp being heated

4. Extra reinforced bar welded with loaf pockets provides superior streighth and make the whole body more durable

5. Customized size and cups, various requirements can be acceptable to produce customized one.  

6. The customized strap loaf pan can also be matched with a simple-to-use cover as customers’ requirements in Tsingbuy mini loaf pan factory

Pictures of 7 customized 24 cups mini loaf pan

Customized loaf pan / strap loaf pan in Tsingbuy

Tsingbuy Industry Limited has engaged in professional customization bakeware for more than 12 years. We have been providing professional customization bakeware for international customers. And customized strap loaf pan is one of the largest business series. Here is another popular customized strap loaf pan from Tsingbuy alusteel strap loaf pan manufacturer that you may be interested. If you you want to customized a strap loaf pan, please refer to the following pictures and tell us these key parameters.

Factory Pictures

About us

Tsingbuy Industry Limited is the leading China bakeware manufacturer and we have been always striving to producing the best baking products, raging from sheet pans, loaf pans/toast tins, baguette trays, OEM industry cup trays, bakery trolley, cooling rack and many other series of bakeware tools to baking related tools like banneton baskets, PP baskets, bakery couche, baking mat and so on. 

With more than 12 years devoted in bakeware industry, we now become the leading and high-quality bakeware manufacturer in China, sheet baking tray manufacturer, aluminum baguette baking tray manufacturer, toast tin manufacturer, bakery trolley manufacturer, cooling rack manufacturer, multi-mold tray manufacturer, as well as customized baking tray manufacturer and customized strap loaf pan manufacturer.

We have many successful and pleased customization cases by cooperation with International customers. Cake tools is one of the larget selling series. We also have factory ability to provide customized service with professional team. 

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