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6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit

6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit

  • Model number: TSPS
  • Material: Bamboo wood
  • Workmanship: handmade
  • Color: natural
  • Size: 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14 inch dia for options, customized size is welcomed
  • LOGO: no, and customized is available
  • Thickness:1.3cm
  • Function: Pizza cutting board Pizza service board
  • MOQ: 50pcs


6-14 inch Round Bamboo Wood Pizza with Hollow Pit


Main features of Round Bamboo Wood Pizza Board with Hollow Pit

Whole bamboo production: Selected high-quality bamboo wood, elegant color, soft and warm, beautiful texture of bamboo, strong and durable.

Environmental varnish: Surface coated with environmental varnish, waterproof and mildew-proof, not easy to crack and deformation.

Hollow Pit design: Close pit design, can effectively avoid food oil and water and other liquid outflow, both beautiful and practical.

Easy to clean: a layer of water-proof surface, can effectively isolate the seepage of soup, easy to wipe and clean.

Hanging hole design: There is a circular hanging hole at the handle, which is convenient for hanging and saving space, and also convenient for draining and air drying.

Hand polishing: Excellent, smooth edge and corner polishing, no burrs, warm and comfortable touch, good texture.

Bamboo texture: Because of pure natural bamboo wood production, there will be traces of bamboo tree node on the tray, which is unavoidable, non-quality problems.

Tsingbuy ia professional and experienced pizza service board manufacturer. You can rest assured by our product quality, sales service and in time delivery.





6 inch



1.3cm in thickness, and 10cm or so in handle length

7 inch



8 inch



9 inch



10 inch



11 inch



12 inch



13 inch



14 inch




Pictures of Round Bamboo Wood Pizza Board with Hollow Pit




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Our selected raw bamboo material is strong and durable

Tsingbuy china pine pizza peel factory usually applies aged bamboo as raw material for processing. Pizza boards usually use 4-5 years old or even 6-8 years old adult bamboo, to ensure the hardness, toughness, mildew resistance and moisture-proof elasticity of the board are in the best state, to ensure the good quality and durability of bamboo.


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Tsingbuy Industry Limited is the leading China bakeware manufacturer and China pizza tray supplier. We have been always striving to producing the best baking products, raging from sheet pans, loaf pans/toast tins, baguette trays, OEM industry cup trays, bakery trolley, cooling rack and many other series of bakeware tools to baking related tools like banneton baskets, PP baskets, bakery couche, baking mat and so on. We have many successful and pleased customization cases by cooperation with International customers. 

With more than 12 years devotion in bakeware production and development, we have also taken a leading role as China bamboo pizza tray wholesaler with factory ability to provide high-quality and 100%handmade wood pizza service board cutting paddle to international customers and customized service with professional team. 

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