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4-5 strap loaf pan wholesales China4-5 strap loaf pan wholesales China

4-5 strap loaf pan wholesales China

  • Model number: TSTP057, TSTP058
  • Material: aluminum
  • Certification:FDA, LFGB, SGS
  • Size: different size for 4 strap and 5 strap loaf pan, customized size is welcomed
  • Surface: natural(no coating), teflon coating are optional
  • Workmanship: handmade
  • Package: 20pcs/carton
  • MOQ:50pcs
  • Function: 4-5 straps aluminum bread loaf pan for bakery, food factory

4-5 strap loaf pan wholesales China 

Main features of 4-5 strap aluminum bread loaf pan TSTP057 and TSTP058

1. High quality aluminum materials, food-safe and durable

2. Folded construction with reinforced wire support in each pocket, stable and not warp being heated

3. Extra reinforced bar around all pockets provides superior streighth and make the whole body more durable

4. The scientifical design in size makes them available in most rack and oven configurations for greater efficiency

5. The strap bread loaf pan has simple-to-use cover which also has a reinforced hemmed edge.

Product name

4 strap loaf pan

5 strap lpaf pan

Model number



External size



Internal size

Upper 262*105mm

Bottom 257*100mm

Height 120mm

Upper 366*115mm

Bottom 362*112mm

Height 140mm

Frame thickness



Internal thickness



Cover thickness



Pictures of strap aluminum bread loaf pan TSTP057 and TSTP058


Strap loaf pan wholesales China with factory ability to customized China

Tsingbuy Industry Limited has engaged in professional customization bakeware for more than 12 years. We have been providing professional customization bakeware for international customers. And strap loaf pan wholesales China is one of the largest business series. If you you want to customized a strap loaf pan, please refer to the following pictures and tell us these key parameters.

More patterns of strap loaf pan from Tsingbuy Strap loaf pan supplier

Factory Pictures


About us

Tsingbuy Indusry Limited provides one of the largest loaf pan wholesales in China, as a 12-year expereienced China bakeware manufacturer.

We are professional strap loaf pan supplier, producing single loaf pan, strap loaf pan, as well as offering loaf pan customization service and production. If you are looking for a good, professional, reliable loaf pan supplier, choosing us is the best doing. We have the most loaf pan patterns among loaf pan wholesales China. Refer to China loaf pan product list or contact us for more patterns and customization service.

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