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12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan

12-mold Alusteel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan

  • Model number: TSMT
  • Product name: hot dog bun pan, hot dog bread baking pan, hot dog bun mold, burger pan
  • Material: 0.7mm aluminized steel
  • Tray size: 400x600mm, and customizable
  • Cup mold: multiple choices as the following pictures show
  • Surface: commercial non-stick coated
  • Packing: opp bag and cartons
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Function: baking mould pan for hot dog bun bread, hamburger bun bread in bakery, restaurant, food factory etc


Commercial Grade Bakery Bakeware Aluminized Steel Non Stick Hot Dog Bun Pan, Hot Dog Bread Baking Pan, Hamburger Pan


Main features of aluminized steel non stick hog dog bun pan

1. Quality Materials: The hot dog bun pan is built to last. Made from sturdy heavy dury aluminized steel. It ensures even heat distribution, allowing your hot dog buns or hamburger bread to bake to perfection every time.

2. One-Piece Stamped Construction: The seamless one-piece design adds durability and eliminates the risk of seams that could trap food particles. It's a professional-grade hot dog bun pan designed to meet your highest standards. Each mold in this tray features a carefully engineered arc-shaped bottom. This unique design ensures that your hot dog buns or hamburger bread acquire that perfect, slightly curved shape.

3. Non-Stick Coated Surface: Enjoy hassle-free baking with our imported food grade non-stick coating, ensuring that your bread effortlessly releases from the molds, and cleanup becomes a breeze.

4. Versatile Molds: With multiple mold options to choose from – 8 molds, 12 molds, or 15 molds – you have the flexibility to adapt to your specific baking needs. Round molds are perfect for delectable hamburger bread, while oval molds cater to the iconic hot dog bun shape.

5. Professional ODM & OEM Services: We understand that every baker's needs can be unique. That's why we offer professional ODM and OEM services. If you require custom solutions, such as a 24-mold powder non-stick coated hamburger pan or personalized buckled industry cup trays, Tsingbuy hot dog bun pan factory in China always got you covered.


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Tsingbuy Industry Limited is the leading China bakeware manufacturer with more than 12 years experience in bakery industry. Industrial multi-mould baking pans customization from Tsingbuy hot dog bun mold supplier China is a best choice if you have needs. Our products have been exported to Europe, American, Audtralia/New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and other areas. We look forward to joining hands with more and more international customers in producing Industrial multi-mould baking pans to enjoy the charm of qualified bakeware. The following listed Industrial multi-mould baking pans are for your reference, we have many more multi-mould pans in factory. Please contact us with any of your needs and requirements.



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Besides bulk burger bun pan, Tsingbuy also provides custom stainless steel bakery tray pan bread trolley which can be baked in oven. Welcome to cotact us at any time.


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