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What is Dough Scraper?

  • Autor:Ellen Chou
  • Fuente:Tsingbuy
  • Suelte el:2019-04-16

What is dough scraper?

Dough scraper is also know as dough chopper, dough cutter. It is a very essential tool for chefs, in bakery, and even in home kitchen for those people who love to eat freshly baked bread at home.

The all-purposed dough scrapper/chopper/cutter has various usages and brings a lot convenience with one tool. It can used to portion bread dough, cut through pastry, smooth cake frosting or fondant, or even chop vegetables. So many usages all in one tool - dough scraper is one the most worthy and must-have tool for all bakers & chefs.

What are the advantages of professional baking dough scraper?

First, dough scraper blade is sharper than normal scraper. It can’t be only used to chop but also smooth and scrape. The professional dough scraper/chopper/cutter comes specially designed with sharpened blade and is ready to give you a smooth edge or surface on your cake frosting, bread dough, pizza dough and pastry in an easy way.

Second, professional baking dough scrapper is built to last long service life. Generally it is made of solid and heavy duty raw material, and it has stainless steel construction to keep a straight edge with no warping. Professional cake tools supplier would also design a good rubber handle to give bakers a stable and comfortable grip. Measurements was engraved into the metal, so that they won’t fade away and wll be always clear to see.

Third, professional dough scrapper is easy to clean up. China bakeware manufacturer designed it and made it dishwasher safe. It is can be also a best choice as an excellent gift for special baker, or baker wannabe, or home cook in your life.

Fourth, dough scraper/chopper/cutter has many other usages. For example, it is perfect for BBQ, grill, flat top cooking, griddle. It is a good accessories for home kitchen or backyard barbecue.

Dough scraper product introduction from Tsingbuy - China bakeware manufacturer


Stainless steel dough scraper from Tsingbuy - China bakeware manufacturer, is very well built and looks beautiful. You can lift, turn and cut pastry dough in an easy way with this dough scraper from China bakeware factory. What you will love about is that the dough scraper is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with sturdy and well made construction, not to wobble.


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